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National football captain Zheng Zhi is so evaluation of the opponent : " beginning with Saudi first round fight , including grips with their club teams , jordan retro shoes  the players feel they are physically strong , very fast . Opponents already qualified , we are playing at home, hoping to get three points, ahead of qualifying places locked . "

19 battle Saudi Arabia, the most important thing is not tactics, but how to solve psychological problems, how to unify our thinking . Leading Iraqi team four points in the case of hard, win kiasu most terrible idea . When asked, " play must win , this situation is different in the strategy will be adjusted ", the Fu Bo said: "I said before, every game to win is the first goal , but on this basis , we will also have our own strategic considerations if win, of course, is the best result we can qualify from the group , but I have to say , this game is very hard , you want to win the opponent , we need a greater determination , more fighting .


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Advantages return advantages, how these advantages into victory , the key players in the field will have to see Hengda efforts and play , "We have only retro jordan shoes  put 100% effort to win the game ." Shenzhen Red Diamonds Football Club announced on the 7th , Li served as the capital of Shenzhen red Diamonds team Mavericks coach agents , from now on exercise coach duties.

Red Diamond Club is the day for calves capital naming Shenzhen Red Diamonds team announced the decision on the signing ceremony , which also means that the Shenzhen Red Diamonds formal decision will not be renewed with Troussier .



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However, the match Manchester United only seven shots, even less than 3 times the Royal Society . Although Buddhism , penalty not enter , twice  north face denali jackets hit the post can be attributed to luck does not help, but can not take advantage of the situation to win the opponent, still reflects the lack of control over the Red Devils , and superior control of power , precisely Manchester United dominate the Premier League a great magic weapon.

La Liga face rhythm Pianman ( microblogging topics ) team , the Premier League has always been the advantage lies in the speed and impact. Especially for the Premiership giants , the technology has not lost on opponents , coupled with the speed advantage , combined with the speed of change of pace , scored as Real Sociedad such non- Yankees , it  www.outdoorspros.orgshould not be a problem . However, Manchester United half as blunt flesh, dragged the rhythm slow, but exact imperial society 's mind, so only two shots ; half speed after he had to catch up with bad luck, post mischief.




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Compared to the heroic momentum players , coach Cuilong Zhu is more concerned about is the Tianhe tactical battle deployment. Against Suwon Samsung, Cuilong Zhu tried Cachet , Molina , Escudero and Yoon day record of the " front Quartet " cheap north face denali jackets  combination , and the results are good. Among them, between Escudero and Dejan minds , Korean media after the game was praised for "" combination. " Will play 120% combat the impact of the AFC championship ." Cuilong Zhu expressed .

For right back CHA DU RI comeback Cuilong Zhu also be praised : " CHA DU RI contest more experienced , and campaign performance is very good. AFC Champions League final second leg next , I believe he can have more  excellent performance . " If nothing else , CHA DU RI Tianhe war starting a foregone conclusion ; understand that his father Cha Bum-Kun is also likely in the 9th visit to Guangzhou.



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After the game, the game today , Xiao Guodong said: "The one up quickly into the state , before some of the training and adjustment gave me a lot of motivation and encouragement , including relatives and friends cheap jordan shoes for sale  came to see me race because this is the first times outside his home race , where the game has a lot of support from family and friends , I think this is very encouraging to me . "

Although this time in a place close to home to play games, but Guodong mom and dad did not come to see him play , which Guodong explained: "I want to play well , do not want to get too much care and family concern , because it makes you do not fight, better to put the game and I think they will understand that if I play well , then you should come back to see me race . loved ones during this time may be here is uncle , aunt , aunt these relatives , they will come here to cheer me on




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